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Why It Is So Hard To Find Someone To Blog Effectively For You?

Because they are mostly lazy scammers that sell snake oil.


The good ones are too expensive and already too busy to take on new business.

The problem with paying someone to blog for you is that if you don’t know what it takes to be an effective blogger in the first place, it is hard to be a good judge of who you are hiring.

Content is king.

But…crappy content is just crap.

People will take your money and they will Plagiarize.
They will rip it off Wikipedia.
They will copy your competitors.
This is crap and it can get you in a lot of expensive, hot water.

People will take your money and use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to generate content.
This shortcut leaves you with questionable grammar.
This shortcut does not identify sources.
This shortcut is not fact checked.
This is crap and can make you look like a fool.

People will take your money that do not have native command of American English
This cheap route leaves you with odd grammar and spelling mistakes.
This cheap route doesn’t grasp cultural nuances.
This cheap route will cause you to edit it yourself.
This is crap and it will make you look like you paid for a cheap service.

People will take your money that have no understanding of basic SEO or Copywriting.
Lack of SEO understanding can bury the best written article.
Lack of Copywriting skills will bore your readers.
This is crap and you’ll think that blogging just doesn’t work.

We are the pioneers of Real Estate Blogging; teaching agents how to be incredible bloggers since 2006. Now we want to write for you!

Don’t pay more than you should to a contractor in high demand.

Don’t take the cheap route and regret the crap you get back.

Let us do it! In 2022 we wrote over 1,250,000 words for our clients!

  • We research it
  • We write it
  • We polish it
  • We optimize it for Google
  • We publish it to your website

You get to sit back, look amazing, and take all the credit.

If this sounds interesting, let’s have a 10 min call to show you how we’re the reason you’re going to be found in Google.

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