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What Are The Home Trends for Spring 2023 – COCOCOZY

Florals for Spring

I went back and forth between including this as a trend. Floral patterns can be considered a classic. They’re used in traditional designs and accents in modern rooms. However, every spring, florals are being reinvented. Home designs are featuring unique color schemes with bold floral prints and motifs. The cottage-core style became popularized during the pandemic that includes muted tones and styles. Designers are introducing accents and accessories with embroidered floral details to add romantic flare.


Nature Inspired Living

It’s time to bring the outdoors inside. A home trend for spring is about incorporating natural elements into home design. This spring is about serene living environments at home. There are numerous ways to add hints of nature to your home decor, including houseplants and fresh flowers, earthy tones, and unique furniture finds. As we already know, organic furniture is on the rise. People are embracing sustainable living in their homes. Organic materials like reclaimed wood and rattan furniture are staples for the spring season.

Glossy Decor

Most designs today are minimalistic. That’s why interior designers are adding textures like glossy finishes to their home designs. High-gloss furniture does an excellent job of adding a touch of sophistication and quality to any room. A glossy finish reflects light that helps open up a living space. It creates the illusion of more space, which is ideal for small spaces and apartments.

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The featured image is a breakfast nook from my friend Linda’s kitchen remodel. It has a few of the spring trends including an earthy color palette and a custom banquette that incorporates nature-inspired print. See the full kitchen tour here.



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