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2023This new blog design has been a bit of a long-term project, so it’s good to see it finally go live.

As this is practically the last post of 2022 (we are not doing a Newsround this week), it is really a new look for the new year!

Warning readers about old posts

One big reason for the change is that I wanted to have something to show how old the posts are to warn people.

This blog goes back to February 2006, and so a lot of the posts are explaining laws which are now out of date.  Although there is a warning in the footer to people saying you should not rely on old posts being correct, I felt there needed to be something else.

Inspired by a similar feature in the Guardian Newspaper, we now have some yellow highlighted text above all posts which are older than six months, just saying this.

For example, if you are in Wales, the law changed dramatically on 1 December 2022, and it looks as if the law may change equally dramatically in England over the next few years.

This meant moving the site to a new host, as the last host did not support this.  So while we were at it, my web designer Gill and I thought we would refresh the design a bit!  Keeping of course, the orange!

The Blog Series

One other thing is that doing this has enabled me to sort out the series and give more access to them in the series link above.  Some of them are on the drop-down menu, others will be found on the page if you click the Series link (or click here).

I may dig around in the past posts and see if I can resurrect some of the others.

Welcome to the new look blog!

So here you are.  A new design for 2023 come a few weeks early!  I hope you like it!

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