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Turn A Jar Into A DIY Terrarium

I am excited today to share one of the easiest DIYs ever. Let’s Turn a jar into a DIY Terrarium!

How to DIY a Terrarium. Orchids, plants and jars.
A trio of DIY terrariums.

Turn a Jar into a Terrarium

I recently went thrifting and found some jars in interesting shapes and sizes that I could not pass up! The minute I saw them, I knew I wanted to use them for Terrariums. This may be the easiest DIY ever, and I am excited to share it with you.

Thrifted glass jars with lids.
Glass jars for the terrariums.

What you will need:

Materials needed to make Jar Terrariums.
Items needed for a Jar Terrarium.

Getting Started:

The first step is to wash your Jar and thoroughly dry it.

Cleaning glass jar.

Next, layer your Jar with an inch or two of rocks to provide plenty of plant drainage.

Items for the DIY Jar terrarium.
Rocks and moss for DIY Jar Terrarium.
Rocks for the DIY Terrarium

Add the soil next. Use the type of soil that your particular plants like best. Here I am making a couple of different Terrariums. I used mini orchids as my plants in two of my jars, so my next layer was Orchid Potting Soil.

Orchid Potting mix for the DIY Orchid Terrarium.

In another jar, I used plants suited to regular potting soil and added enough soil to cover the roots of the plants.

Placing the plants in the Jar.

When placing your plants in the Jar, start with the tallest plant first. You will want to gently move your plants until they are in the desired location. Continue to add plants until you are happy with the way it looks once plants are placed, water them lightly.

Adding water to the plants in the terrarium.

At this point, I like to add another layer of rocks or moss for visual interest.

Adding layers of rocks.
Here I am adding a top layer of rocks.
Finished turning a Jar into a DIY Terrarium
I used a fern, a mini English Ivy, and a Polka Dot Plant above.

I liked the combo of Ochids and moss with the one below. Adding a larger rock and a few twigs also added some visual interest. This is where you can get creative. Some people like to add small figurines and such!

Closed Jar Terrarium
Here I used a Mini Orchid and moss in a closed Jar Terrarium.

Types of Plants for a Jar Terrarium.

Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Button Ferns
  • Nerve Plants- Fittonia
  • Polka Dot Plant -I used one above.
  • Mini Orchids
  • Mini English Ivy
  • Live Moss
  • Venus Flytrap
  • Prayer Plants

Caring for your Jar Terrarium.

The nicest thing about these terrariums is they are pretty low maintainence. Keep in bright indirect light. Water occasionally using an eyedropper or a mister. Remove spent flowers and leaves. Prune when necessary. Enjoy!

Variety of DIY Jar Terrariums.
Mini Orchid Terrarium.

That’s it for today! If you decide to Turn a Jar into a DIY Terrarium, please tag me to let me see!

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