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Top 3 Most Downloaded Overlays for Photoshop

Photoshop Overlays

Top 3 Most Downloaded Photoshop Overlays

We get asked all the time in our Photoshop & Lightroom Facebook community what our favorite and most popular Photoshop Overlays are.  Below, we have included our top three most downloaded Overlay Collections and five additional overlay favorites!

All of these exceptional overlays will help you unleash your inner artist and transform your photos into stunning works of art.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these user-friendly overlays will make it easy to create photos that pop and stand out from the crowd!

So without further ado, here are the BEST OVERLAY COLLECTIONS for Photoshop:

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1. Soulful Skies Cloud & Sky Overlay Collection

Replacing a dull sky with one that’s soft and beautiful can really transform a photo and turn it into a piece of art!

So it’s no surprise that the gorgeous Soulful Skies Cloud and Sky Overlays which includes some of the most ethereal skies, clouds, sunrises, and sunsets ever, is the #1 best-selling overlay collection.

DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE your images by replacing your dull and blown-out skies with one of the many soft and picturesque cloud & sky overlays included in this stunning collection!

It’s so easy to use too!  Swap skies in seconds using our new and improved BONUS Cloud Applicator Photoshop Actions to magically replace your blown-out, overcast, AND even colored skies.

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2. Kaleidoscope Lens & Sun Flare Overlay Collection

Adding beautiful atmospheric depth, texture, and light to your images is VERY popular and so easy to do using the Kaleidoscope Lens and Sun Flare Overlay Collection – the #2 top overlay collection!

Kaleidoscope lens and sun flares are crafted from 100% optically captured Lens Flare images, created in-camera using natural sunlight using a variety of iconic vintage lenses to give you THE MOST AUTHENTIC EFFECT.

This gorgeous collection includes a large variety of dramatic Sunbursts, Rainbow Sun Rays, soft and beautiful Sun Flares, and Hazy Light effects.  Each overlay is completely versatile and can be resized and rotated to blend seamlessly with your images.

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3. Painted Skies Cloud & Sky Overlay Collection

The #3 most popular overlay collection on our list (and 2nd most popular cloud collection), the Painted Skies Cloud and Sky Overlays will WOW you with some of the most beautiful & colorful skies, clouds, horizons, and sunsets you have EVER SEEN!

DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE your images by replacing your dull and blown-out skies with one of the many soft and ethereally colored sunset sky overlays included in this gorgeous collection!

It’s so easy to use too!  Swap skies in seconds using our new and improved BONUS Cloud Applicator Photoshop Actions to magically replace your blown-out, overcast, AND even colored skies.

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Here are the NEXT 5 most popular Photoshop Overlay collections:

4. Fairyland Overlays & Actions Collection

Get ready to be put under a spell as you weave fairy magic into your boring old edits using the magical Fairyland Overlay & Action Collection, which is #4 on our list of the most popular overlays.

This easy-to-use collection will help you create enchanting Fairyland portrait masterpieces complete with custom-designed fairy wings, sparkling fairy dust, luminous sun rays, glistening fairy light, firefly overlays, and so much more!

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5. Holiday Bokeh Overlay Collection

The Holiday Bokeh Overlay Collection is massively popular, especially around the winter holidays, and will instantly transform your ordinary image into a holiday masterpiece using overlays created from REAL bokeh lights for an authentic effect!

Add sparkle and glow using natural bokeh overlays in various sizes and styles: classic, multi-color, icicle, swag, and string lights. With over 100 different bokeh overlays, this collection has so much holiday magic to choose from!

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6. Falling Leaves Overlay Collection

Powerful and easy to use, the Falling Leaves Overlay Collection will help you create your Fall photo masterpiece in minutes!

This fun collection includes over 100 high-resolution Fall leaf overlays (created from “real leaves,” 5 grouped leaf overlays, and 5 Autumn tone actions to help replicate luscious Fall colors.  It also includes 11 workflow actions to help place, blend, and blur the leaves for photo-realistic depth.

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7. Blossom Flower Overlay Collection

Add the perfect touch to all your Spring and Summer photos using the popular Blossom Flower Overlay Collection, allowing you to quickly and easily frame your subjects with soft and beautiful flower blossoms

This collection includes a huge variety of different flowers, blossoms, and natural foliage (50 gorgeous overlays), all created from REAL flowers and plants!

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8. Fog & Rain Overlay Collection

Instantly transform an ordinary image into a mysterious atmospheric scene using the Fog & Rain Overlays and Actions Collection created from REAL smoke images for the most authentic effect!

Create mood and drama using natural fog and smoke overlays in a wide variety of styles: choppy, organic, puffy, and wispy options.  Enhance the sense of mystery and depth with one of the included rain and lightning overlays.  With over 100 different weather elements, this collection has you covered!

The included applicator actions allow you to quickly and easily apply the fog, smoke, or rain overlays to your images — and even change the color (perfect for gender reveal sessions) with a few simple clicks!.

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Product Reviews

OMG! I love the Holiday Bokeh! They’re so great! I would recommend them to anyone…This was a great investment! Thank you so much!” -Laeti G.

Natural looking and easy to use. Excited to go back to some old sessions and pretty up some blown-out skies with these overlays!” -Lisa Q.

I absolutely love my Pretty Actions and the Overlays I recently purchased! As a new photoshop user, I was amazed at how much they made a difference! Everything seems to come together perfectly now, and my skies POP! Love it!! Totally changed my editing capabilities!” -Kiley A.

These overlays are perfect, and the customer service at Pretty Presets is TOP NOTCH!!” -Misty B.

I love these overlays! I am a hobbyist photographer, and I love the effect these Kaleidoscope Lens Flares have on my photos. They are easy to use and enhance the photo so much!” -Karen M.

So so easy to use, these beautiful overlays on the finished images are just amazing. I highly recommend Kaleidoscope to give your images the extra something to make them stand out. Love it.” -Lonnie L.

I absolutely love these Fairyland overlays and actions. I have had so much fun using them, and so have my clients seeing them. Love the creativity of PP actions and overlays and the fact that they are so versatile. Thank you so much!!!” -Kathy M.

I was hesitant about using the sky overlays because I was afraid it wouldn’t look natural, but OMG I am loving them. The magic replace actions make it so easy to place and adjust the overlay. With the adjustment layers already set up, I get very natural looking skies in my photos, and no one can tell it isn’t the original sky. Worth every penny!!!” -Shawn S.

The actions and overlays from the Fog and Rain collection are amazing. They are super easy to use, and I can’t wait to take pictures specifically to use these!!” -Bobbie T.

These blossom overlays are so incredibly easy to use and transform a so-so picture into a work of art instantly!” -Janelle Z.


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these user-friendly Photoshop Overlays will make it easy to create photos that pop and stand out from the crowd.  Perfect for any session including family, senior, engagement, newborn, lifestyle sessions, landscape images, weddings, and more!

So what are you waiting for?  Elevate your editing game and unleash your creativity today!

What are your favorite Pretty Overlays?  Leave us a comment below – we would LOVE to hear your favorites!  And PLEASE SHARE this post using the social sharing buttons (we really appreciate it)!

Photoshop Overlays

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