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TikTok fined £12.7m – What this could mean for SMEs marketing on the app –

Why diversification of channels is key

Breaking news of TikTok’s misuse of children’s data could be highly consequential for SMEs that take advantage of the platform’s high marketing ROI. However, to Joseph Black, Co-Founder of UniTaskr, the headlines haven’t been a reason for panic.

“I think, naturally, it plays a concern, because it does play a big part of our business. But, diversification is also a key word,” says Black. “You should never really be relying on one platform to drive all of your growth.”

TikTok made a place for itself in the social media marketing leagues, as it allowed SMEs to experiment with short form content that could be quickly created for a low amount of resources, and potentially go viral. This has sped up the timelines of marketing campaigns and injected a new stream of creativity into advertising. In fact, 81% of SMEs say that advertising on the platform makes them think outside the box.

“From an organic standpoint, once we’ve got an understanding of what works well, it’s quite easy to alter your paid strategy to be in line with that,” explains Black.

However, this bitesize form of marketing is no longer restricted to TikTok. It also lives on YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and Snapchat. This gives opportunities to SMEs to carry over marketing strategies to other platforms to mitigate the reputational risk TikTok may introduce if further bad press hits.

“I think the beauty about the fact that all these platforms have now adapted to short form content means that you can equally repurpose similar content on one to another,” reveals Black. “There’s no harm from the small business perspective in repurposing that same content now so that they can at least start to build a greater audience.”

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