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THIS OR THAT: Christmas Trees + Stocking Stuffers Ideas Under $20

What is a Silvertip Tree?

A silvertip Christmas tree is a rare beauty. The branches have wide spacing which makes it easier for decorating. And the branches are adorned with delicate needles that shimmer like silver in the light. It creates a magical winter wonderland in any home. They are more popular in western North America.

Douglas Fir Tree – My 2021 Tree

Silvertip Tree – My 2022 Tree

I spent the weekend decorating my Christmas tree with my mom and aunt. My aunt wasn’t very pleased with my tree choice. Her exact words were “your tree looks depressing.” She favors a full Douglas Fir tree. It’s not that I don’t like a full tree. This year I wanted to try something different. I discovered this Silvertip online. It was my very first time buying a tree online. The company sent me a photo (with a man standing next to it LOL). I didn’t need a big tree! I bought the first one I saw and now it’s in my living room.

In honor of the recent passing of tWitch, I decided to make the stocking stuffers focused on self-care. It’s important to check on your family and friends. Check out Alyssa Curry and Marala Scott’s company, Mental Health Cards. Their goal is to help make it easier to start a conversation about mental health with loved ones. The stocking stuffers above feature skincare, a motivational journal, tasty treats, and more.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday.



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