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These 9 John Lewis bed products are all you need for your best sleep yet (and a better bedroom)

Remember how well you slept on that hotel break? Or how beautiful your friends’ bedroom looked after she redecorated it? Yes, having a comfortable space to place your head after a long day can really pay dividends to how you feel. Now think about your own bed. Not as luxe, right? 

With John Lewis’ range of sleep products (opens in new tab), you can seriously upgrade your room, and how well you rest. Think stylish printed linens, throws, and bed frames to mattresses, pillows, and protectors you simply can’t sleep without. And besides, if there’s one thing worth investing in, it’s catching your Zs. Switching out your flat pillow for a fluffy one or treating yourself to a chic silk pillowcase will make a big difference in how well you sleep and how good your room looks. You won’t have to overspend either, as John Lewis’ collection spans from affordable bed sheets to premium goose-down duvets. 

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