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The Super Bowl Is Coming… Are Your Clients Planning Accordingly?

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Hurts will try and put the hurt on Mahomes. The brothers Kelce will battle it out. The pregame show will last six hours. People will watch commercials they will actually remember. Rihanna at the half. Confetti and champagne at the end.

It is time for the biggest football game of them all. You, your family and your friends will be among 100 million viewers doing their annual search for the biggest screen. Perhaps it is just you, uninterrupted, watching the game. Maybe family or friends nearby. Maybe you are at a party. Maybe you are hosting one. Maybe you are hoping for an invitation.

One thing is for sure: you and your insurance customers probably will not be thinking about insurance and safety while watching the action on the field. But if you think about it in advance – for you and your clients – you can be prepared in case accidents happen.

No Buffalo Chicken Dip is Worth a Fire

Football parties are a popular time for cooking. The distractions of a TV spectacle and hosting friends can make a homeowner forget to turn off the stove or oven. The National Fire Protection Association ranks cooking as the leading cause of home structure fires. In the devastating event that your client accidentally starts a fire – or worse, has a party guest injured in a fire, they will want to have enough coverage to cover any damage and to compensate any guests for their injuries. It might be time to increase the replacement cost and liability limits covered by your homeowners policy?

Too Many Celebratory Beers? Have Guests Stay Over

With alcohol involved, homeowners need to be extra cautious and make sure their guests exercise extra caution. Some states have social host liability laws where a host could be held responsible if a guest who drinks to excess injures another person after leaving the host’s home. This is an important time to remind clients to make sure their guests celebrate responsibly and to never let their guests drive home if they’ve had too much to drink, while recommending adding liquor liability coverage as well.

Take a Free Ride

Plan rides home to enjoy parties away. Homeowners who don’t invite their guests to stay over can tell guests to check for incentives some carriers offer to getting home safely. For example, Plymouth Rock offers a program called Get Home Safe where policyholders can be reimbursed for up to $50 of their cab ride home. Not many consumers are aware of programs like this one. When they remind your customer these benefits exist, it is a good time for an agent to go over with their clients what is or isn’t covered on their policies, and what they can add.

Help hosts enjoy a stress-free Super Bowl party. Give your customers the peace of mind to know that they’ll be protected in devastating situations. Agents can create opportunities where a customer enjoys re-engaging – and potentially even get invited to their party.

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