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The Most Creative and Unique Gifts for Photographers

One characteristic that is almost universal with any photographer is that they are creative.

If you don’t think of yourself as very creative, it might seem intimidating to find a gift for the photographer in your life.

Maybe it’s a photography gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend that you’re looking for. You’ve seen how clever and creative they are in making beautiful photos and wonder what you could possibly get for them.

It could also be that you’re looking for the perfect photography gift to give your mom or dad. As you’ve grown up you’ve seen how much they love photography and maybe feel like they already have everything they could need.

Or it may just be that you want to get a thank you gift for a photographer friend that took some amazing pictures of you or your family.

Well we are going to unlock the mystery of getting that really unique or perfect gift for the creative photographer you love.

What Do You Get Someone Who Loves to Take Pictures?

To answer the question, ‘What to get someone who loves to take pictures?’ you’ve got to start with another question.

You should be asking, ‘What kind of reaction do I want from giving this gift?’

That answer can be broken down into two types of reactions: Smiles, Laughter, & Hugs; or ‘Sweet!’, Likes & High Fives.

Gifts that Get a ‘Sweet!’, Likes, & High Fives

Let me start here, because if this is the reaction you want, this isn’t the article you want to be reading. We have a how-to-guide that covers ‘What Gift Do You Buy for a Photographer?‘ that has a list of gifts that will get you high fives for days.

It gives you the secret to finding that kind of gift by teaching you one simple thing you need to know about photographers.

These are gifts more centered around the type of gear that every photographer needs. Camera equipment gifts helps them feed their ‘photography addition.’

Gifts that Get Smiles, Laughter, & Hugs

The gift ideas in this article are focused on getting that hug from your mom or dad or seeing that smile grow across the face of your friend.

These kinds of gifts are more everyday items that have a photography theme. From apparel and mugs to decor and cards.

If you’re sticking with us here let’s get to our list or feel free to jump over to our other post on the secret to the perfect photography gift.

Creative Photography Gifts for the Uncreative

Whether you think of yourself as a creative person or not it can be challenging to come up with a clever photography themed gift.

Luckily for all of us there are people that spend a lot of time coming up with creative ideas. And even more lucky for you is that we’ve scoured the web to find the best creative photography gifts and put them all in one place.

To make it even easier for you we’ve also tagged each unique photography gift idea as:

So you can quickly narrow in on what’s the best gift for the photographer you know.

We recognize that budget-friendly gifts are always a concern so every one of the gifts on our list is really affordable or even down right cheap (in price that is, not quality).

Although Best Photography Gear will get a commission if you purchase a particular product/service through our affiliate links we only post items that we feel are high quality and would meet the intent of your search.

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