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The Link Up: Em’s Favorite Comfortable Headphones That Stay In Her Ears, Ryann’s Ideal Pillow For Side Sleeping, And A Great Planner

Ok we know last week was technically the first link up of the year, but now we’re back in the office so this one makes it official official. We are endlessly grateful to have had some time away to recharge and see our loved ones but baby we are also so ready to be back, talking with you all in real-time. So please enjoy this week’s links and see you in the comments<3

This week’s house tour is a home that was rescued from being torn down by a local developer in New Orleans. Instead, it was lifted up with immense care by Breeze Braunschweig and her husband, Kartik Ramachandran. The couple drove all over the south finding vintage treasures to fill it with. See the photos and read about the rest of this wonderful story.

From Emily: A new podcast (and an old one with the same host). I was turned on last year to Maintenance Phase, a podcast that debunks diet and wellness culture (of which I admittedly find myself participating in). I have learned SO MUCH, more culturally than scientifically but it’s more that it’s also extremely entertaining – the two hosts Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes are whip-smart, witty, and keep the tone light but poignant. It’s really helped me be more aware of my “hidden” biases, and more than a few times have I felt quickly defensive like “well I’M not like that”, only to feel more educated afterward and change some of my behaviors and impulses. But again, I truly ENJOY the heck out of it and find it a light and educational part of my week. So when one of the co-hosts, Michael, started a new podcast called, If Books Could Kill, I listened to the first one immediately and LOVED IT. For this one, he and Peter Shamshiri are debunking what they are calling “airport books” – the non-fiction books that become crazy popular and are responsible for a lot of cultural thoughts (i.e. Freakanomics, The Game, Blink). When I saw Malcolm Gladwell as their first episode I was like, “well no, not him. he’s THE BEST! Everyone loves Malcolm!” and I won’t spoil it for you (and I’m still a huge fan of MG) but again, it’s just nice to have journalists that are researching and presenting multiple sides and challenging our assumptions. I will say (if they are listening) that for both of these podcasts, I would love them to show even more sides as sometimes I do feel like they are looking to find fault and not give credit to things/methods/ideas that have worked, make sense, or been culturally helpful. Anyway, they are easy fast listens and I feel more educated after listening to both of them, whether I fully agree with them or not.

Also From Emily: While on that note my favorite headphones – my MIL asked me the other day so this is for her. As an avid podcast listener (2-3 hours a day between walking dogs, cooking, and cleaning), I have tried many headphones and it’s been hard to find any that stay in my ears comfortably without falling out, getting lost, last a long time without needing a charge, and aren’t glitchy. These are extra good because they last the longest (hours and hours – I feel like I plug in every other day) and can be far away from the phone should you be cleaning and set it in another room. I’ve tried 3-4 different others since lockdown (eventually I’ll lose one of them – I don’t know how people don’t) and these are by far my favorites (and HOT TIP! I only walk dogs and clean house with one in at a time so I can hear surroundings). They do not have a mic though, so they aren’t for phone or zoom calls.

I will say that when you wear them grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s you don’t look nearly as cool as wearing AirPods. But I don’t lose them and they still in comfortably all day.

From Jess: I accomplished something very big that I feel is also very relatable. I downsized and cleared out all SIX boxes from my hallway last week. I had been putting it off for months because they were filled with wonderful sentimental photos and family mementos that felt a little overwhelming to sort through. I wanted to do it “right,” whatever that means. I also wanted to finally get some photo albums which I also assumed would add up very fast. But late last month I decided I didn’t want to start the year with them still sitting here, mocking me. So I sorted, divvied up between some relatives, organized, and then searched for pretty but affordable photo albums. Luckily I found these! I love the natural linen. I wanted the self-adhesive kind because I had so many different photo sizes that just wouldn’t work with any other type. Now I should warn you that you are going to want to make sure your photos are already flat (no curled-up sides) and that they aren’t too thick. Aside from that, I think these are a great option to get your photos out of those boxes and into an album where you can actually enjoy them! Oh, and they come with a pen so you can make notes near the photos:)

Also From Jess: Is this the year I get into line dancing??? New Years Resolution #3: A lot more dancing!

In case you are in the market for some beautiful home furnishing, HD Buttercup (where Em got this beloved rug and Jess borrowed this dresser) is having their Half-Yearly Sale! They are giving off an extra 30% off everything (even clearance items) store and sitewide. We are big fans as they kinda have everything (even vintage!).

From Caitlin: I bought this dad hat on Black Friday and it’s quickly become the most-complimented thing I own. I mean…nothing really captures weird 2000s ennui like the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ guy, you know? (But seriously, do not recommend buying this unless you enjoy conversations with strangers. It’s endless. TSA employees! Fellow airport passengers! People at the laundromat! A guy in the Jack in the Box parking lot! People LOVE talking about this dumb hat – it’s insane.)

Also From Caitlin: I loooooove NPR’s Life Kit podcast, but I’m especially excited by the Resolution Planner they launched this year! I’m not super into “New Year’s” resolutions (my hack: try out a few new habits in November/December to see what’s tenable to keep up for an entire year), but this is just a treasure trove of good and specific advice on everything from “keeping the house clean” to “getting kids to listen better” to “being more decisive” and “finding purpose.” (If you want to learn how to do it, there’s probably a Life Kit episode about it.) Happy listening:)

From Ryann: After years of sleeping on old pillows that I have had to fold and smush in ridiculous, ungodly ways just to get comfortable, I finally got a new pillow that I LOVE. It’s a perfect pillow for side sleepers as it has a curve that cradles your head and shoulders, and it’s not too soft so your neck is actually supported. I look forward to sleeping on this pillow every night. And right now it’s almost 50% off! Run don’t walk.

From Mallory: My cousin got me this planner for Christmas and I absolutely love it – it’s laid out so well and has cute little stickers you can put on it to motivate you throughout the year & help plan your life. If you’re looking to get more organized in 2023, this is just the thing to help ya do it! 🙂

Hope everyone’s year is all to a good start and those in California are ok from all the rain. We are happy and grateful you are here. See you tomorrow for a pretty exciting reveal:)

Opening Image Credits: Design and Styled by Dee Murphy of Murphy Deesign | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: The New Design Rules

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