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Do your walls seem a little drab? Has it been a while since you updated your decor? If so, then maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. The easiest way to do that is to introduce a new color to your home, and picking a color of the year ensures that your decor stays on trend.

Several companies announce a color that they feel best encapsulates the spirit of the time. The best known of these is probably the Pantone color of the year,
Viva Magenta for 2023

, but others include:

  • Spanish Moss from Krylon.
  • Redend Point from Sherwin-Williams.
  • Raspberry Blush from Benjamin Moore.
  • Vining Ivy from Glidden.

Whichever color is your preference, bringing it into your home doesn’t require a major overhaul. We’ve listed a few simple ways to spruce up your home with the color of the year.

Decorative throws and pillows

Incorporating the color of the year is as easy as buying new pillows and throws. Tossed on a sofa or chairs, a Viva Magenta blanket can give your room the same joy and optimism that Pantone says the color displays. Plus, this option allows you to dip your toe in Pantone’s color of the year without making a permanent change.

New curtains

Changing out your curtains for the season is a great way to keep a room contemporary and stylish. Even better, it’s a simple and straightforward task to accomplish that requires minimal investment. Viva Magenta curtains, however, could dominate a room, so be sure to balance this choice with neutrals that either allow the color to stand out or a combination of warm and cool tones to create a harmonious effect.

New lampshades

A lot of us don’t think about changing lampshades out when redecorating, but it’s an easy way to bring a little more color to a room that needs it while making an old lamp feel new. The key here is to minimize the change. Think about the type of lighting your lamp is for and choose a shade that keeps the hardware out of sight at eye level. Another option may be to spray paint your old lampshades with Krylon’s paint color of the year,
Spanish Moss



Artwork can be a fun way to get a color of the year incorporated in your decor. Not only do you get to spend a day or two shopping for art, but you can decide just how bold you want to be. Do you want a giant wall hanging that’s all Viva Magenta or something more subtle with
Redend Point

, Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year, sprinkled throughout? Either can spruce up your home.

If you’re crafty, you may want to go thrift shopping and use one of the paint colors of the year, like Benjamin Moore’s
Raspberry Blush

, to make something special for your home. That’s always a good way to decorate your home on a budget.

Accent wall

One living room wall in Viva magenta with a beige sofa and pale floors

Painting an accent wall the color of the year can make a big impact on the space.

An accent wall allows you to bring a bold color into your house without overwhelming a room. But of all our tips, this one is likely to require the biggest investment. Think carefully about which wall is the right choice for an accent color. For example, walls without architectural features are usually a good choice while neutrals can make your color of the year wall pop.

Another consideration is the importance of color on the psychology of interior design. A wall in Viva Magenta will have a very different impact on your mood compared to one painted with Glidden’s
Vining Ivy


How to incorporate the color of the year

Bringing one of these colors of the year into your home is just the first step; the next step is to make it work with your color palette. Luckily, there are few simple guidelines that may help.

First, you may want to consult a color wheel. This is a tool that has all the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors arranged by wavelength. Colors directly across from each other are considered complementary while those next to each other are described as analogous. Working within either of these ranges can help you coordinate your color palette.

However, Viva Magenta may still cause you some trouble because it’s an unconventional and vibrant color from Pantone. Luckily, the company put together a
sample color palette

with light, soft neutrals to help you work Viva Magenta into your interior decor.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in April 2022. It has been updated for 2023.

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