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Self Storage In Portland — What To Look Out For And How To Choose The Best Deals In Rose City

Some years ago, a video surfaced on the internet of somebody riding a unicycle while playing flamethrowing bagpipes and wearing a Darth Vader mask. In the background, appropriately, was a huge sign saying “Keep Portland weird.” For some, that’s the only thing they will ever know about the City of Roses.

If you’re from around here, however, you know that Portland is a city with lots more to offer than “weirdness.” Sometimes it feels less like a city and more like a collection of neat neighborhoods, each with its own vibe, and each with its own challenges.

Portland shares some of the best features of its neighbors in California and Washington, like incredible natural surroundings, a laid-back vibe and an environmentally conscious attitude. It does share some other traits as well — it can be a challenge to find spacious housing for a reasonable price. Portland is below Los Angeles and Seattle in terms of housing prices and living cost, but residents still look to every possible advantage to maximize their space.

Garages and backyard sheds are great for storing things that clutter up the house, but they come at a very high premium and are rarely an option for renters. Self storage, on the other hand, can be a convenient and cost-effective solution, not just for individuals but businesses as well — things can pile up at the office just as easily as at home.

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You’ll find storage facilities throughout the city, offering a wide range of unit sizes and amenities, so it’s important to know what your options are. Here are the biggest factors that will drive your choice of self storage unit in Portland.

Storage unit size matters!

While a 10’x10’ non-climate-controlled unit costs on average $143/month, you might need a different size. The quickest way to figure it out is to use the storage unit size guide, which can help you estimate how much space your items will take up. A 5’x5’ unit can be as cheap as $63/month in Portland, while units over 300 square feet can cost over $300/month.

Location, location, location!

The famous phrase holds true for storage just as it does for real estate. If you access your unit often, it may be more convenient for you to choose a facility close to home, even if that means slightly higher prices. Conversely, if proximity is not an issue, you may be able to get a good deal on a storage unit farther away, maybe even outside the city.

If you work from home, like almost 10% of all residents of Portland, and use storage as an archiving solution for your paperwork, then you can be more flexible about location than a contractor who has to take equipment in and out of the unit daily.

Since location is key, you should know where the best storage prices in Portland are most likely to be found. By using the price of a standard 10’x10’ unit — the most widely used type, and a good reference for general pricing — as an indicator, you’ll find areas like South Tabor, Far Southwest Portland and Brentwood-Darlington to be the cheapest.

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Don’t forget about the extras

If you’re looking for amenities like 24-hour surveillance, or conveniences like online booking just be aware than these can affect the price as well. If you’re renting long-term you might get a discount in certain locations, so don’t forget to ask the facility.

Climate-controlled units that can maintain consistent temperature and humidity usually fetch a premium over standard units. In Portland such a unit has an average cost of $147/month, a fairly small price increase compared to the standard, but it’s important to consult your local listings for self storage units in Portland to see specific facilities and what they offer.

Size, location and extras — these are the three things you will need to analyze before making your choice. Portland’s storage inventory is limited so you will need to know exactly what you’re looking for and what to expect. But self storage will help you make your home look more like the Portland Japanese Gardens and less like the Portland Harbor!

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