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Rory Golod to speak at Gathering of Eagles 2023

In a market with high demand and tight inventory, resiliency is a key attribute for all housing industry professionals. At this year’s Gathering of Eagles, attendees will forge both new opportunities and better, stronger habits for resilience and ingenuity. 

Rory Golod is the president of the North, East and West regions at Compass. He will take the stage on June 20 for his CEO Playbook, “Building a Resilient Brokerage.” 

Golod joined the team at Compass in 2014. He initially focused on expansion and served briefly as chief of staff for Robert Reffkin, the founder and CEO of Compass. Golod then transitioned to leading a tri-state, regional team before being promoted to his current position. Prior to his time at Compass, Golod worked in global analytics for Bloomberg LP.

Compass is a brokerage that has taken the real estate world by storm. This year, Compass ranked number one in sales volume on the RealTrends 500 brokerage rankings. They rapidly expanded into new markets over the past several years and built a never-before-seen business model. To achieve all of this, the leadership at Compass had to be resilient in the face of challenges and changing market conditions. 

In his CEO Playbook, Golod will give his off-the-record account of how brokerage strength is make or break in this market. A resilient brokerage will thrive, but it takes hard work and determination to lift up an organization in that way. In a rapid-fire, fifteen-minute session, Golod will tell attendees everything they need to know about the true work it takes to succeed. 

To register for Gathering of Eagles 2023, click here. HW+ members receive special deals on conference registrations. And, don’t forget to lock in the exclusive Gathering of Eagles room rate by May 16th. This conference is the must-attend event of 2023 for real estate presidents, senior leaders, and broker-owners. Golod will be taking the stage along with other housing industry leaders like Miles Nadal, Mat Ishbia and others.

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