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Protect your home this winter with Ring’s stylish security solutions

As the nights get longer and the clocks go back, now more than ever, we crave time in our cosy homes. Yet with the turn of the seasons, our thoughts can turn towards our home and loved ones staying safe and fully protected. 

We’ve spoken to Dave Ward, Managing Director of UK and International at Ring (opens in new tab), to find out more about how smart security can give you that all-important peace of mind this winter.

‘Most people have the basics of security already on their front door – a security chain, a peephole or a double lock,’ explains Dave. ‘But these can fall short if you’re not at home to secure the chain or check the peephole. That means whether you’re at work, visiting friends and family or simply out doing the shopping, you won’t know what’s going on around your home.’

Ring spotlight on exterior of house

(Image credit: Ring)

This is where smart security comes into play. Having either one, or a mixture, of a video doorbell, indoor or outdoor cameras and an alarm can offer you peace of mind 24/7.

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