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Minnesota Legislature’s Anti Corporate Landlord Bill – NotoriousROB

For a couple of years now, I’ve been warning that one consequence of the broken housing market will be politics and that the first domino to fall will be the so-called “corporate landlords.” I based that on things that people like Elizabeth Warren were saying in Senate hearings. I know that a number of cities have already moved on things like rent control or other efforts to try to appear as if they’re actually doing something about high home prices and high rents.

The latest comes from Minnesota, where the a dozen Democrat (DFL in Minnesota) Representatives and five Democrat Senators have proposed a bill to “encourage and protect home ownership and the single-family home as a basic housing option, to allow families increased access to housing through homeownership, for families to build equity and wealth through their housing, and to enhance and promote the stability and well-being of families and society in Minnesota.”

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