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Learn How To Turn Your Dull Backyard Into A Beautiful Landscape ~ Fresh Design Blog

Do you have a boring backyard that could use some sprucing up? Are you looking for ways to turn your dull outdoor space into an oasis of beauty? A beautiful landscape can not only increase the value of your home, but it can also give you a calming retreat away from the stress of everyday life. With a little planning and some steps, you can transform your ordinary backyard into a captivating outdoor paradise.

Create your landscape design

Photo by Valentina Chernobay on Unsplash

The first step to transform your full backyard is to create a design plan. This plan should include details like what kind of grass you want to plant, what plants or trees you want to add and where they will be placed, and if you want to build any pathways. Doing this research beforehand helps ensure that your landscape design will come together perfectly. Plus, it’s essential to consider the climate of your area when selecting these details, as some may not fit in certain conditions. Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to start creating your beautiful landscape.

Plant New Grass

The foundation of your landscape relies upon the type of grass you choose. Empire Zoysia Grass is a popular choice for many homeowners because it’s low maintenance, drought-tolerant and looks lush and green all year round. This hardy grass also requires less fertilisation than other types, making it easier to maintain in the long run. Before installing empire zoysia grass you may need to prepare the ground and add additional soil amendments, but with proper installation this beautiful turf can make all the difference in your backyard design.

Pick Out Your Plants and Trees

Photo by Look Up Look Down Photography on Unsplash

After you’ve planted your grass, it’s time to add some plants and trees. Start by picking out a few key pieces that will provide structure and greenery throughout your landscape. Popular choices include evergreen trees, flower shrubs, and colourful annuals. Planting different colours and heights of plants ensures that your backyard is always visually interesting. 

Build Pathways

If you want to create a more inviting atmosphere in your backyard, consider building pathways. Pathways provide a way for your guests to walk through and around your landscape without destroying grass or plants. They also add texture and interest to your yard with various materials like flagstone, gravel, or brick pavers. When you design your pathway, be sure to take into account the size of your yard so that the pathways don’t overwhelm the area.

Add Lighting For Drama and Ambience

Beautifully lit up border in a night garden
Credit: Anterovium / Shutterstock

Lighting can dramatically improve the look of any outdoor space. Strategically placed lights can create a dramatic effect by illuminating pathways, focal points, or other sections of the yard for extra visual appeal. You can choose between a wide range of lighting options such as solar-powered, low-voltage, or LED. But if you want to save money and energy usage, it is best to go with motion sensor lights that only turn on when they sense movement. 

Creating a beautiful landscape doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right planning, you can easily transform your dull backyard into an outdoor paradise. Starting with quality grass and picking out the right plants and trees are essential for a successful design. Next, be sure to include pathways and lighting elements for added texture and interest. Following these steps, you’ll soon have a lush, inviting landscape in your backyard.


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