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It’s official – bathroom layouts are set to see this major change in 2023

There’s great news for those of us who prefer showers over baths – as interior experts are predicting that this year, we’ll all be favouring a faster shower over a long, hot soak.

While the choice is always going to be subjective, experts have shared that when it comes to bathroom trends for 2023, they are largely noticing a big swing towards showers over baths, compared to a few years ago.

In fact, the trend towards showers is seen in the Pinterest Predicts report (80% of their predictions over the last few years have come true). The report explains, ‘No bathtub, no problem. Gen X and boomers are [instead] searching for shower bombs and home spa bathrooms in 2023.’ So why are we all turning away from our bathtubs, and towards our showers this year?

Pink tiled bathroom with crittal shower screen

(Image credit: Future PLC / Simon Whitmore)

Why is there a trend towards showers over baths in 2023?

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