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I hated sleeping on pillows until I found this Amazon set that’s on sale for Black Friday

The world was designed for morning people and back and side sleepers. As a night owl and a front sleeper, I’ve had quite the journey trying to find my dream sleep setup. You’ll find the best pillows (and all other bedding for that matter) aren’t really made for people who have a face-down approach. For this reason, I used to hate pillows with a fiery passion. That was until I found a pair of them on Amazon that I not only tolerated but actually loved.

I normally start out on a pillow then angrily shove it off the bed and sleep face to mattress instead. Most pillows feel suffocating and wildly uncomfortable around my neck when I’m trying to snooze. Fortunately, the Martian Made pillow set (opens in new tab) was a holy grail bedding find. 

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