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How to Start Networking on Social Media

Networking is the cornerstone of pretty much any industry—but especially real estate. Building a community of peers that you can rely on is essential to ensuring your success. They can give you advice, recommendations, tips and tricks, and so much more to help you build and grow your business’ success.

While networking is pretty straight-forward face-to-face, it can be a little harder to navigate when it comes to social media. Even so, social media gives you the ability to build a larger network of professionals nationwide, or even worldwide. 

Here are some tips to start building a network using your socials:

Become mutuals with peers

Being a mutual means you and another account follow one another. If someone in the industry is following you—follow them back. While just following someone gives you access to their account and their content, being mutuals means your peer is also paying attention to you. It gives you the ability to pop up not just on their feed, but in their notifications and suggestions more often, keeping your name in their mind and helping to foster a connection.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to follow-spree peers across the industry, there’s no limit to how many people you can follow, and every follow could become a future connection. 

Be direct with a DM

Don’t be afraid to direct message (DM) peers and open a conversation, whether someone follows you back or not. Being direct can show a lot of initiative, and peers will definitely respect that. You can do something as simple as responding to a post or story, or just going straight in and letting them know you’d like to connect because you’re peers in the industry and can share knowledge. And, in tying in with building your bank of mutuals, when you reach out to someone it can always gain you a follow back!

Like and comment on your peer’s posts

While this probably sounds really obvious, that doesn’t negate how important it is. Likes and comments are one of the best ways to boost social media content into more and more feeds. So, giving your peers likes and comments will help to boost their content, and shows that you have their back and want to help their success. Plus, liking and commenting introduces you on a basic level, keeps your name on their mind and shows you are a peer to them in the industry. This opens a conversation with someone as you’ve now interacted with their content directly, and shown that you’re on their level with your knowledge/experience. 

Keep interacting with their content

Commenting and liking are just the first step. Sharing the content of your peers is a great way to open a connection. You can retweet on Twitter, share on Facebook, use a repost app to share to your Instagram feed or share to your Instagram story. Also, if you’re a TikTok user, beyond reposting you can also duet or stitch a peer’s content. When you share, be sure to add a touch of your own knowledge or opinion to what your peer has shared to continue to show them that you are their peer, both business-wise and intellectually. 

P.S.—Interacting someone’s content can also give you an in to DM them!

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