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How Much House Fits in a 10’x30′ Storage Unit?

Self storage can be a superb service for anyone looking to relocate, renovate, or travel. Ideal for both long and short-term, it offers flexibility when you need it most. Storage units come in a variety of different sizes, from tiny closet-sized units to larger units that can fit a boat.

A 10’x30′ is the largest standard size that most storage facilities offer and it’s a great solution for a host of scenarios. Just slightly smaller than a two-car garage, it offers a multitude of uses for a wide range of customers. If you’re looking to relocate, you might be wondering just how much house you can fit in a 10’x30′ unit. Let’s find out.

Visualizing the Space

A 10’x30′ self storage unit is perhaps the most common large standard-sized unit available. It provides about as much space as a two-vehicle garage, though it tends to be deeper but not as wide as a garage. However, with an 8’ roof as standard, you have 2,400 cubic feet of space at your disposal. In many facilities, you can also find 10’x30′ units with even higher ceilings.

What Can Fit Inside a 10’x30 Storage Unit?

Offering 300 square feet of storage space, a 10’x30′ storage unit is more than big enough to fit a whole host of items. Even though there’s a lot of available space to use, do be sure to measure larger items to ensure you’ll get everything inside without a hitch.

As a rule of thumb, a 10’x30′ unit can hold the contents of a large single-family home with four or five bedrooms. However, many people use these units for vehicle storage and various other things they don’t use on a day-to-day basis but would take up space at home.

Here are some of the most common items that are stored in a 10’x30′ storage unit:

  • A car or a pickup truck
  • Motorcycles and bicycles
  • A smaller boat
  • Most Class B motorhomes and RVs (check the height first)
  • Tools and various gadgets
  • Sports and camping equipment
  • Seasonal clothes and items
  • Spare furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • King-sized beds with mattresses
  • Gardening tools and equipment

woman with various boxes at a typical storage unit

Stay Organized To Save Space

It might seem as if you’ve got endless space in a 10’x30′ storage unit, but it’s still worth paying attention to how you pack your unit up. This is especially true if you’re planning to keep the contents of a house in storage long-term, for example, if you’re relocating for work or traveling abroad.

In this case, it’s essential to box up smaller items and label them properly to prevent damage and make it easier when it comes to unpacking later on. Mattresses should always be covered and laid flat to prevent damage, and you should avoid stacking heavier items on top of them. You can easily fit shelves into a 10’x30’ unit to improve organization.

Make the Most of Your 10’x30′ Unit

To get the most out of your 10’x30′ storage unit, be sure to plan ahead. It’s a good idea to visit the space in advance if you’re having trouble visualizing it. Measure up larger items to be sure that they’ll fit through the door without issue, and ensure your unit is tall enough to accommodate any vehicles like RVs.

All in all, a 10’x30′ storage unit can provide you with much-needed space that most homes lack, especially if you live in an apartment. For example, in Los Angeles, CA, space is often at a premium, and it can be particularly difficult to park vehicles at home. But for $623/month on average, your 10’x30′ LA unit can store your vehicle and much more. Rates can also be high in other CA cities such as San Jose, California ($429/month) and Sacramento, CA ($321/month). Outside of the Golden State, prices are lower, with a 10’x30’ unit in a 10’x30′ unit in Las Vegas, Nevada averaging $297/month or $221/month in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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