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The biggest question that home sellers want to know is which home improvements should I do to increase my home’s value?

I totally get it. There is no point spending money to get your home ready unless you are actually going to get that money back when you sell. You’re right, you’re right, I know you’re right

As part of the highest producing brokerage in the Raleigh area, we’ve got lots of data on what gets the best prices when a home sells, [I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse] and the improvements I am going to share in just a minute have been shown to get the highest offers, increasing the return on the money you spend on these improvements by three times. That is a 300% return on your money. What other kind of investment will get you that kind of return in 60 days? 

I’m Ellen Pitts, you’re Raleigh and Cary area Realtor and I bring you videos that teach you everything you always wanted to know about buying, selling or relocating in the Raleigh area. As well as fun videos showcasing all the fantastic things there are to do and to see in Raleigh.

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Okay, 5 improvements you must make to your home if you are selling. But one important point, before you start messing around with updates, please hire a Realtor. Your Realtor will usually have a design person on staff or a stager that you can talk to for recommendations. I don’t want you to spend this money doing these home improvements and then your Realtor comes in later and is like ….that’s not a good look. Not good. Not gonna fly. Hire a Realtor. A video can only get you so far. 

#1 Carpet. 

That was gross movie quote…. That is not the reaction you want buyers having when they walk through your house. We all walk on our carpets every day. And even if you’re meticulous about taking your shoes off, we still have oils on our skin and the weight carpets bear every day (weight of the world movie clip) they just get worn. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to get my dogs to wipe their feet when they come in the house. (scene from mudbuds). Replace your carpets or if they’re not that old, get them professionally cleaned. But they should look NEW. 

#2 Paint

We usually don’t see how dingy our walls have gotten over the years because we look at them every day. Trust me, they’re dingy. Especially at kid and dog level. You know what I mean… kind of down, right about here. And where they stick their little fingers. With jelly on em. Also, most people don’t paint their homes every 3 years, so even if you are one of those whose walls are pristine, you know who you are, your color is likely dated. A fresh coat of paint will make your home look like no one ever made a mess there. And I won’t tell if you don’t…

#3 Landscaping

Some of us keep the inside of our homes in great condition…maybe it’s looking a little shabby outside. .Don’t worry, a few little touch ups can go a long way to getting that wow factor you really want buyers to feel when they first lay eyes on your home.

Mulch. You need it. Get yourself a truckload. I’m just kidding… But really, mulch is kind of like coffee or shoes. You never can really have too much. Okay, wait, you can have too much coffee. I have no idea how much mulch you need or how big your yard is, but I know you need it. Go get some, spread it around out there. 

Grass. You also need some grass in your yard. Ideally, plant some early enough that it has time to grow. If the weather isn’t right, order more mulch. 

Trim your bushes, power wash everything, get some nice colorful planters to put on your porch with pretty flowers in them. Weed eat, pull weeds, give everything a nice spruce. Everything looks better with a spruce.

#4 Painting Cabinets

If your cabinets are dark cherry or oak or if they are pretty much any dated wood color, you’re going to want to paint your cabinets. And please, please have them professionally painted by someone who specializes in cabinet painting. White never goes out of style. That’s a pretty safe bet. 

Before I move on to the last tip, if you’re thinking about selling your home and you feel like you need a little more information, you can download my guide, 29 tips to sell your home for top dollar. There is a link in the comments below to get it. 

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#5 Light Fixtures.

And I don’t mean go into the bargain bin at Home Depot and pick up whatever mismatched stuff is left from last season. They should all match and be the same color. Again, light fixtures, like paint color, is another one of those things that can go out of style pretty quickly. So updating all your fixtures to match in a modern, up to date style, can make your home feel brand new. And buyers love that stuff. And you want them to love it. 

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