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Garden Trends 2023: Ideas to Transform Your Garden ~ Fresh Design Blog

Looking to improve your garden this year? Here’s an insight into the latest garden trends 2023 to take your garden to the next level!

Garden trends 2023: Zen chic

Zen garden trends 2023
Image by Kati from Pixabay

One of the biggest garden trends 2023 is likely to be the zen chic trend which takes inspiration from the sparse, relaxing gardens of Japan and east Asia. Characterised by their use of pebbles, which you can buy in bulk at places such as diybuildingsupplies.co.uk, white sand, water features, and bonsai trees, if you are looking to turn your garden into a simple, relaxation haven, this is the garden trend for you.

Wildlife haven

Another garden trend that is likely to be embraced in 2023, is the trend for creating outdoor space with wildlife in mind. Think bold, colourful wildflower meadow patches that have been allowed to grow out of control along with dense trees and shrubs perfect for birds to nest in and hedgehogs to make their homes in, along with simple ponds filled with fish, which also provide water for passing frogs, birds and bees, and you will not be too wide of the mark. 

Let your garden grow wild (within reason!) – fill it with flowers and birdfeeders and embrace this wonderful trend, that will not only look amazing but which will also do wonders for the local wildlife too.

Garden Trends 2023: Seaside retreat

Embrace garden trends 2023 and create a seaside style garden at home
Photo by Ata Ebem on Pexels

If you are looking to create a garden that has a really holiday feel, then this garden trend 2023, which takes inspiration from coastal holidays is a must. Think bleached decking, white fences, pebbles and sand. Think brightly striped deckchairs and parasols alongside tables encrusted with sea shells. Think pale blues. Think seaside retreat and make it happen.

Cottage garden 

The cottage garden look is also set to dominate in 2023, and it is basically what you would think of as the English country garden look with lots of lush, but perfectly manicured lawns, rose bushes, daisies, and other delicate blooms, wicker furniture, white picket fences and maybe even a whimsical garden gnome or two. If your style is more classic and classy, then this is the garden trend for you.

Garden Trends 2023: Sanctuary garden

One of the garden trends 2023 is to create a sanctuary garden
Photo by Sarah Hall on Pexels

The sanctuary garden is set to be huge in 2023 because it is a garden trend that is great for mental wellbeing. The sanctuary garden is all about aromatic plants and flowers like lavender, chamomile and mint, which stir the senses and help the body to react. It’s also bout colour and texture, hidden nooks where you can read in the shade and simple water features that allow you to listen to the sound of gently flowing water as you relax in a comfy rocking chair. Add as many colours, textures, and zones to the spade as possible and plant lots of shady trees and shrubs to achieve this trend.

If landscaping is on your list of things to do this year, then embracing any of the above trends is sure to see you with one of the best outdoor areas on the block. So, what are you waiting for?

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