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Discussing Collectible Craft with Daniel Freyne and Zoe Wilson

In this podcast episode, I speak with contemporary artists|makers, Zoe Wilson and Daniel Freyne who will both be showcasing their works at Collect, the Leading International Fair for Contemporary Craft and Design. 

Daniel Freyne is not your traditional blacksmith, he goes against the norms to create beautiful, unconventional craft forms using steel. Zoë Wilson is another artist to keep your eyes on. For almost 12 years she has been a stone carver, creating bespoke hand-carved geometric stone artwork using a traditional mallet and chisel.

It is fascinating to hear Zoe and Daniel discuss their craft journey. We gain a deep insight into their world of craft, looking at the materials they use, their relationship with these materials, their skills, and much much more. What was so interesting to note was that both makers placed great emphasis on the process that the materials undergo before they are transformed into the final piece. 


Daniel Freyne

Zoë Wilson

Collect Art Fair

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