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DeLea’s Takeaways from the 2023 Women in Real Estate Investor’s Summit – theBrokerList Blog

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DeLea had the pleasure of attending Beth Azor’s Investor’s Summit this year in Orlando Florida. Aside from teaching and sponsoring this event, DeLea also soaked up a lot of valuable information as well. As she dropped a few gems in Florida, she picked up these three takeaways:

  • You cannot save your way to wealth

    The top two ways to build wealth: Start a business or Invest in Real Estate

  • Broke Mindset

    The “broke” mindset hinders you from taking risks. You need the confidence that if you lost it all today, you could build it all back.

  • Stop Polling

    Have confidence in your knowledge, your expertise, and your gut. Stop polling other people, because you will always get different opinions that will slow down your decision-making process which can ultimately hinder your decisions.

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