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Choosing LVP flooring for our cottage remodel.

LVP flooring provides the look of beautiful hardwood without the upkeep. LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) flooring is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof!

I feel like Christmas has arrived early! Renovations have begun on the Little Green Cottage. Woot! Woot! And the first thing we started with was the flooring. Choosing LVP flooring for our Cottage remodel was an easy (and beautiful) choice.

LVP Flooring by DuraDecor

LVP Flooring for our Cottage

We had a lot to consider when choosing floors. This will be our family’s vacation cottage and a rental when we aren’t using it. The Cottage is within walking distance of Lake Michigan, which means tracking in a lot of sand and water. Our sweet Lily pup weighs 120+ lbs and runs around like a puppy. Plus, we have NINE grandchildren under the age of six. Yep, you read that right. NINE littles that will be running around on these floors.

We are very hard on our floors.

So, it is essential that we looked for flooring that was durable enough for this crew but also beautiful- because I want this to be a pretty little cottage.

Enter DuraDecor Modern Maven.

LVP Flooring samples from DuraDecor.
Samples made it easy to choose the color. We choose (Paradise Sand) from Modern Maven LVP.
Installing LVP DuraDecor Modern Maven Flooring
Easy Click and Lock installation

DIY Installation

We want to add “sweat equity” to this little beauty, so a DIY installation was essential for us. The flooring itself was a breeze to install- the Modern Maven line by DuraDecor is a rigid core vinyl that uses a click-and-lock installation so that we could do it ourselves. We followed the directions on the DuraDecor website and were able to prep the floors and lay the majority of the flooring in a weekend.

Modern Maven LVP Flooring in Paradise Sand
Flooring on prepped floors

A few installation tips.

READ or WATCH the directions. Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is not all the same. We used click and lock, but some products need to be glued, and they also have peel-and-stick options.

Measure carefully. Use the online tools (Home Depot has an online calculator) and order the suggested 10% for weird cuts and alcoves.

Use the proper tools. It will make the process so much smoother!

Don’t forget to acclimate your new flooring to the space- Let it sit in the room flat overnight before installation, preventing them from expanding or shrinking, leaving unwanted gaps.

Installed LVP Flooring
I am excited to have the floors installed for the holidays.
DuraDecor Modern Maven LVP Flooring
Dura Decor Modern Maven (available at Home Depot).

Caring for LVP Flooring

Ease of installation was a priority in choosing LVP but let’s be honest here. I wanted floors that would be beautiful and easy to care for.

  • Sweep or Vacuum regularly to remove dirt.
  • Mop with a mild detergent (I like to use vinegar and water).
  • Spot clean spills
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners
  • If using a steam mop, use the lowest setting.

Choosing LVP flooring for our Cottage remodel was a perfect choice. The color feels fresh and light; the floors will withstand all the traffic this little Cottage will receive, and they are easy to care for. That’s a win in my book!

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