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Best safes

A secure lockbox has so many uses and is the best way to keep your valuables out of the wrong hands. The best safes are easy to lock and unlock, cannot be pried open, and have enough room to store passports, cash, bonds, jewelry, and whatever else you want to keep from sticky fingers and prying eyes. These safes make the top of our list of favorites.

Best overall

Amazon Basics black home safe

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Basics home keypad safe (opens in new tab)

A heavy-duty option

This home safe is made from carbon steel with hidden hinges to make it harder to break into. It features an easy-to-use keypad with a backup key entry.


  • Programmable keypad
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Concealed hinges


  • Not fireproof or waterproof

This 1.8 cubic foot safe from Amazon Basics is suitable for those who want a basic, no-frills setup. There are pre-drilled mounting holes in this big lock box, and it’s installable on the floor or wall. You’ll access the interior with a touch keypad or an emergency key. This unit is not waterproof or fireproof, but it is a good place to keep jewelry, coins, and other treasures locked down and far from view.

Best value

SereneLife black safe

(Image credit: SereneLife)

SereneLife electronic safe (opens in new tab)

For the little things

This electronic safe is made from reenforced steel. It comes predrilled and with the hardware needed to mount to a wall or floor, making it harder to run off with.


  • Reinforced solid steel
  • Pre-drilled holes for installation
  • Finger sensor technology


  • Requires four AA batteries

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