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Bedroom window seats can be so cozy, and a built in window seat with bookcases is even better. Get inspiration and styling ideas for your space!

bedroom with built in window seat and bookcases

It has taken me seven years to figure out our primary bedroom (yes, home takes time!), but I couldn’t be more pleased with how it ended up. Adding a built in window seat with bookcases was exactly the custom element it needed to feel cozy, polished, and elegant. And the added storage of the window seat and cabinets is a bonus!

Click here to get the tutorial for building this diy built window seat with bookcases!

window with plantation shutters and built-in bookcases on either side

Adding Built-ins to a Bedroom

When people consider built-ins, I think they typically think of living rooms, dining rooms, offices, and even hallways. Don’t get me wrong, we have built-ins in our living room and our home office (and we love them!). But I think a bedroom is an excellent candidate, as well.

white built-in bookcases and window bench in bedroom

There are some extra considerations for built-ins in a bedroom, though. First and foremost, you have to account for the functional space of the bed and (if needed) dressers. As long as the room allows for those items, though, then why not add built-in bookcases or window seats to your bedroom?

navy dresser with white built-in bookshelves

The extra cabinets or drawers and shelves are the perfect place to store blankets, extra books, decorative items, and more.

And the opportunity to add elegant trim work at top and bottom, like crown molding and baseboards, or even wall sconces, can instantly elevate the elegance of your room. Take the bookshelves all the way to the ceiling to raise the eye and help the space feel larger.

Window Seats in Bedrooms

I think people tend to wonder, is a window seat a good idea in a bedroom?

As I mentioned before, it is important not to ruin your furniture arrangement options. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your main bedroom furniture, though, then window seats in bedrooms are charming.

window bench with storage and throw pillows

Add seat cushions or throw pillows, and you’ve created a reading nook perfect for relaxation.

Looking for comfort and a spot to cozy up? A built-in window seat can actually be less intrusive to your room than a comfortable armchair. A built-in bench is almost like a mini sofa for your space. And I love the hidden storage the cabinet doors provide!

white built-in bookcases and window bench in bedroom

We have used the additional storage in the cabinets for a few odds and ends, like a lap pillow for my computer so I can work from the window seat comfortably.

Styling Built-In Bookcases in a Bedroom

You don’t want curtains when you have bookcases on either side of the window, but in a bedroom window treatments are usually needed. If you don’t have plantation shutters, then I would recommend a roman shade. This helps simplify the space a little.

white bookcases with crown molding and simple styling

You can see that we opted for throw pillows instead of a fabric cushion. I might still make a cushion, but for now I’m liking the clean lines of the wooden bench top.

I really want the interior design of my bedroom to feel calming and not too busy, so styling the bookcases was a little tricky. Truth be told, we will probably eventually add more books to these shelves (because we are avid readers). But I wanted to start with very subtle decor to get a feel for the overall impact.

white built-in bookcase with simple decorative items

I used a few favorite old books, some pottery, one of my favorite easy indoor houseplants, my prettiest watering can (function and beauty together!), and a couple of candles and candlesticks.

In short, start simple in your bedroom so the bookcases don’t overwhelm the space.

Other Window Seat Ideas

Whether it’s your kid’s room, a bay window in your breakfast nook, or a window in a long hallway, I hope this gives you some ideas for how to use a window bench and bookcases to create a focal point and maximize your space with storage and natural light.

white bedroom with built-in bookcases and window bench

You can get a diy project tutorial for how to build a window seat with storage and bookcases here.

bedroom with window seat with bookcases

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