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If you are looking to take in a lodger to make some extra cash, we have a lot of help for you.

The Lodger Landlord website

First – you should read the Lodger Landlord website as this has free guidance on being a lodger landlord with guidance on the law, the legal obligations you need to comply with, and what you should do when they leave (or if they refuse to leave!).

We have recently done a refresh of the site, and the information has been updated.

Click here for the site

Lodger forms

We have a number of useful forms for lodger landlords, which are available via our associated Your Law Store website, which mostly sells lodger-related forms.  All forms include guidance notes.

Our Lodger agreements and Lodger Packs have long been popular but we now have the following additional forms:

Lodger forms for Wales

Although the law on lodgers has not fundamentally changed with the introduction of the new housing law regime in Wales on 1 December, the terminology has.  There are also some other significant differences.  So we have now created new lodger forms for use in Wales, including:

  • A Welsh lodger agreement
  • A Welsh lodger forms pack
  • A Welsh lodger forms pack with the Welsh Lodger Agreement
  • A Welsh Monday to Friday lodger agreement
  • A Welsh forms pack  with the Monday to Friday Agreement

Click here for the Welsh Lodger forms

Permission pack for tenants’ lodger:

Normally landlords prohibit tenants from taking in a lodger.  This useful pack of forms contains a permission form which a landlord can use to amend their tenancy agreement to permit their tenant to have a lodger, a lodger agreement and detailed instructions.

Find out more here

There is also a version to use in Wales which can be found on the Wales page.

Other lodger forms:

Deed of guarantee
Right to Rent checklist and record (not applicable in Wales)
Data information notice (to help compliance with the data protection rules)
Inventory form
Pet permission form

Letters packs

Drafts of letters you can use.  The reference letters are also included in the Lodger packs.

Reference letters pack
Asking your lodger to leave letters

If there are other lodger related forms which people need, let us know and we will draft them up and add them to the site.

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