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8 Fantastic Closet Conversion Ideas

Closet conversions can be extremely useful for people who have little space to work with, as well as for those who have extra space and don’t know what to do with it. Unused and underutilized closet space can offer some surprising options for kids and adults alike, whether it’s a place to relax and unwind, get some work done, or focus on your hobbies.

These eight interesting closet conversion ideas might just have you reconsidering how you use the closet space in your home!

A Functional Office

Don’t have an extra room in your home for an adult office or kids’ homework space? Convert a closet into a functional office space with a small table or shelf used as a desk, shelving for storage and a small office chair. Using the same principles, you can create a homework space for kids with kid-sized office furniture and fun storage and organizing elements.

A Magical Kids’ Space

Kids love having their own fun space to play and hang out in, so why not turn an unused closet into a fantastic extra play area for your little ones? Simply add some fun lighting, some cushions or small chairs, a colorful rug, a small table, and some of your children’s favorite toys and books. You can even have them choose a customized decorating theme!

A Handy Entryway

Most of us could use some extra space in the entryway to your home, which is where a closet located near the entrance can come in handy. Consider adding a small bench, shoe storage, shelving, hooks and some additional lighting to make the space welcoming and functional. Plus, the open nature of a closet converted into an entryway means you’re more likely to stay on top of any clutter and mess.

A Cozy Reading Nook

Who doesn’t dream of having their own tucked-away library where they can while away the hours immersed in their favorite book? Turning an unused closet into a cute reading nook is a great way to get that library feel in miniature. Add some comfy seating, some pillows and blankets, and shelves to store your favorite tales. You’ll likely never want to leave!

A Showstopping Bar

Show your friends and family a good time with an impressive bar that will surely be a hit when entertaining. For something simple, you can have shelving for glasses and bottles and a surface for mixing drinks. If you want to take it up a notch, consider adding a wet bar component with plumbing, as well as some fantastic mood lighting.

A Calming Plant Nook

Many people grow indoor plants to help purify the air in their homes, connect with nature, relieve stress, and even produce some of their own food. An unused closet space can be the perfect spot to set up a beautiful plant display, complete with grow lights to keep your plants happy and healthy. If you want to get really serious, you can create a space that also allows you to control humidity and temperature levels.

An Inspiring Craft Space

If you’re looking for some extra space for all of your crafting goodies, consider converting an unused closet into a cute craft area. Get creative with various storage and organization options to keep everything neat and tidy, and be sure to include a functional work surface to craft your creations, whether you’re into sewing, scrapbooking or jewelry making.

A Pampered Pet Area

Pet parents can make good use of extra closet space by creating a designated area for their fur babies. Depending on how you want to use the space, you could include a feeding station, a cozy bed, baskets of toys, and anything else your pet loves. Pets like fish, birds, rodents and reptiles can also find a home in a converted closet, where tanks and cages can be conveniently displayed.

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