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4 Ways for Instagram Newcomers to Build Their Profile

While a lot of people used to social media may find using the apps very obvious, everyone has been new to something once and social media definitely is not everyone’s cup of tea. That being said, it is an essential marketing tool nowadays, and you’ve got to start somewhere!

While the functions of Instagram aren’t complicated, newcomers may not know all the tips and tricks of running a professional account, or having a well-built profile.

Here are some tips for Insta newcomers to help build your real estate social profile into a professional one:

Brand your account

First things first, your account needs to be branded as a business. Insta allows accounts to switch from personal to professional, and you can then categorize your account under a title to help target your audience better. Real Estate Agent, Developer and Appraiser are just a few industry titles you can put on your account. Making your account professional gives you access to metrics (like how many viewers on a post) and lets you use Insta’s paid advertising methods.

Add a link page

Since Insta only lets you add one link to your profile, most social media marketers create link pages through third party services, which usually have both free and paid options available. On a link page you can link out to not only your other social media accounts, but your professional website or your blog/blog posts, your home listings and any other information you want to share with your followers. Tap Bio, Flow Page, Lnk.Bio and Linktree are just a few of the many services you can use to create this.

Create highlights and covers 

While posting stories are relatively easy to figure out, a newcomer to Insta might not know that every story you post is saved in an archive on your account. On your profile you can create highlights, in which you can organize your story posts however you want. Since stories are only up for 24 hours this is a great way to save everything you post so that every follower you gain can see your previous content, plus it just makes a page look that much more professional. Also, a great way to have your page look put together is to make themed covers for your highlights, which you can do on a site like Canva.

Pin important or relevant posts

Most of the time people will be clicking on to your profile from a post on their homepage or the explore page, and they’re most likely not going to scroll through your entire profile but rather just look at a few posts, follow and go about their Insta scrolling. Luckily, Insta has a feature to pin posts to the top row of your page. If you have posts that are important to your account or branding, or are relevant to a current promotion or focus you have going on, you’ll want to pin those to your profile so that people that just pop in to your page will still see them.

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