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4 Steps to Recruiting Your Way to a 500% Revenue Increase

Would you like a 500% increase in your topline revenue? You can absolutely do it though a strategic and well-executed recruiting plan. It requires thoughtful leadership, well-designed plans and an absolute commitment to implementation. Recruiting, done right, is your ticket to building a more successful, profitable and growing brokerage.  

Let’s dig in further. 

  1.       Write down your goal.   

Yes, it seems elementary, but you must start here. Jot down your recruiting goal on a sticky note. Make it your screensaver on your phone or laptop. Change your passwords to reflect that goal. It could be as simple as this three-tiered approach: 10 new agents would be good; 20 new agents would be better; and 30 new agents would be an absolute game changer. You could take a different approach and make it a company dollar or sold units goal. No matter the goal, start every day looking at, thinking about it, and executing on it.  

  1.       Develop a must-have list.

Be laser-focused on attracting who you want (aka–your must-haves). Go after agents in a specific neighborhood or city that you want to dominate. Target an industry and recruit the best from that field (i.e. teachers, nurses, pharmaceutical sales reps, first responders). Ask your existing agents to share with you their favorite co-op agents.  Target professionals that will make your brokerage better. Don’t settle!     

  1.       The appointment. 

It’s all about them. What makes them tick? What are their dreams, hopes and goals?  How are things in their personal life? Why did they agree to meet with you? Dig deep and really get to know them. Listen and learn. Take it all in and respond with the ways you and your brokerage will support them.  

  1.       It’s a big deal.

Changing careers or moving to a different brokerage is a big deal. Most professionals won’t decide during one meeting. It’s normally a series of meetings and follow-up calls that close the deal. Your reward is in the follow-up. Be their broker before you’re their broker. Touch base with them often with a text, email, phone call or a handwritten note. Stay close without being overbearing and show them your value.

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