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3 Ways to Get Thankful on Your Socials

The time to give thanks has finally arrived. Families will be traveling all over to gather and share in good company and delicious food. They’ll share their thanks around the table for everything they’ve experienced in the past year, and now is a perfect time to share your thanks with your clients for supporting your business. As an added bonus, client appreciation is a great way to bolster lead generation, as happy and appreciative clients are more likely to recommend you to their family and friends!

This Thanksgiving, you can share your thankfulness in many different ways through holiday-themed posts on your social media accounts. Here are three great ways to get started on being thankful on your socials this holiday.

Highlight recent client wins

Share a few shots of clients along with some thank you notes in the captions for those who you helped achieve their goals in the past year. Whether you closed on a dream home or sold a home above asking price, those wins were not only important to your clients, but to your business as well. Sharing these achievements gives some thanks back to your clients for choosing you to help them with their housing needs, allowing you a chance to get them those wins.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can even reach out to clients hosting Thanksgiving dinner in new homes that you helped them secure, and ask to highlight their celebration on your socials! As their first Thanksgiving in a new home, this will help your client feel extra special and keep you in mind if they ever need to sell their house, or buy another.

Extra tip: Send out holiday themed thank you cards to all your clients as well, just so even the ones who haven’t received their win yet know that you’re thinking of them!

Give away desserts

Thanksgiving dinner is the crux of the holiday, leaving dessert a bit underrated. After spending the whole day cooking a giant spread for families, not everyone has the time to make a spread of desserts, let alone a few, for later in the evening. Giving away dessert is a great way to make a client’s holiday a little easier, to share your thanks with them for being a loyal client. Not to mention that in general giveaways are a great way to boost social engagement and to give back to your clients and your community.

If dessert isn’t your strong suit, there’s many other giveaways you could do to have the same effect: a side dish, a nice bottle of wine, gift cards for Black Friday shopping and so much more!

Share a favorite family recipe

Everyone has some sort of beloved family recipe they use every Thanksgiving to complete their table. It can be something small like a little side dish or a dessert piece, or even something big like how you prepare your turkey. Sharing yours with your clients on your socials is a great way to share your thanks with them by getting more personal and making them feel like they’re a part of your family.

To go the extra mile and get more personal, you can share a few photos of your rendition of the dish, and even some shots of your family’s own full Thanksgiving dinner spread.

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