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1917 FBF: Self-liquidating Asset, Understanding ROI, Alabama Market, Client Case Study James | Jason Hartman

Today’s Flashback Friday is from episode 1583, published last October 29, 2020.

Setup Jason Hartman Minutes, Flash Briefing on Amazon Alexa. Jason Hartman discusses the consistent qualities of investment property. He reiterates the lessons known from IDEAL as well as qualifying its self-liquidating development.


Jason interviews client, James Castelle. James purchased his first investment property within two years of his initial listen to the Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing podcast. James shares his story shifting from the typical stock-market investment to property investment and why he favors it. The quick lesson, inflation-induced debt destruction, is king!

Key Takeaways:

3:45 Jason Hartman is on Amazon Alexa:

4:30 Alexa Flash Briefing Jason Hartman on ROI

5:00 I.D.E.A.L.

10:00 Income property is beautifully consistent. What was true 12 years ago is still true today!

12:00 Income property is self-liquidating. It pays itself off.

13:30 Not all ROI is created equally.

17:30 Jason on the tragic knife attacks in France.

James Castelle interview

24:00 Case study: James Castelle

26:00 The stock market v. real estate.

29:00 Why did you choose the Gadsden, Alabama market?

31:00 The benefits of inflation making a house payment seem cheap over time.

34:30 After your first investment property, what are your plans?


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