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12 sustainable kitchen products for any apartment

Sustainability in the home starts in the kitchen, the place where you unload groceries, cook meals, and sort your recycling. Whether you are reducing the amount of plastic in your home or rethinking your energy usage, the decisions you make for your kitchen will help determine your home’s climate footprint. 

For apartment dwellers, the options are plenty to transform your space into a stylish haven of sustainability. A kind note first off just to say that part of being sustainable is to make use of what you have and to only replace kitchen items that you absolutely need to. After that, there are a ton of eco-friendly kitchen products available to help kit out your space without impacting the planet. From organic cotton hand towels to greener cleaning products, here are 12 eco-friendly picks you can bring into your kitchen now for a more sustainable lifestyle going forward. Mother nature will thank you. 

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