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12 days of Riskmas for the holidays | Kin Insurance

No matter how jolly and festive they are, the holidays are hectic! And all that gathering, decorating, and celebrating can mean a higher risk of incidents that may lead to insurance claims.

We broke down common holiday hazards and what you can do to prevent them in our 12 Days of Riskmas. Here’s a recap to help you prepare for whatever the holidays (and the new year) may bring.

Garden shears for your pear tree

On the first day of Riskmas, my true love gave to me … some tree trimming tools?

Good looking out, true love. Keeping your trees trimmed helps minimize the risk of fallen branches wreaking havoc on your holiday home. But if worse comes to worst and an accident occurs, your home insurance may cover the loss, including a fallen fence. You’ll have to check your policy documents to see.

2 turkey fryer fires

Planning to fry up a couple turkeys for the holidays this year? Fryer fires are probably more common than you think. Avoid the ultimate party fowl by following our turkey fryer safety tips.

Fryer fires are just one of the calamities that can happen around the holidays. Kitchen fires, injured guests, and home thefts are some of the other disasters common between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

3 flooded rooms

A lot can go wrong when a winter storm rolls through. Make sure your gutters are clear, point your rain spouts away from your home’s foundation, keep your roof in good condition, and update or add backflow valves to reduce the risk of flooding.

4 hurricane shutters

Prepare for next year’s hurricane season with the gift of hurricane shutters. They not only keep your windows intact and rain out, but installing them can also reduce your home insurance premium!

Insurance for your 5 golden rings

Just got some holiday bling? Then it’s time to update your home inventory! An inventory is a super helpful way to make sure you have enough personal property coverage, and it can also help you quickly document what’s been lost or damaged in a claim.

A proper home inventory can be even more helpful if you opt for scheduled personal property coverage, which lets you list specific items you want insured. These items can typically be insured for up to their appraised value.

6 roofers roofing

Is your roof ready for Santa and his reindeer? Keeping it in tip-top shape makes it easier for those magical visitors to land their sleigh, and it can keep your home protected and your insurance rates low. Check your rooftop for leaks and cracked or missing shingles to nip problems in the bud. And brush up on how long roofs last while you’re at it!

7 attractive nuisances

Swimming pools and trampolines and high-up tree houses might be a few of your favorite things, but we call them attractive nuisances for a reason – they tend to invite trouble! Limit your little ones’ access to these and other risky items so everyone can have a happy (and safe!) holiday.

8 injured relatives

Grandma probably won’t get run over by a reindeer, but there’s always the chance of mishaps when family visits for the holidays. Good thing you have personal liability insurance, right? This coverage is standard in your home insurance policy and helps cover bills if you’re responsible for a guest’s injury.

9 candles burning

Whether you light menorahs, kinaras, or Christmas candles each year, don’t leave them unattended. Holiday decorations cause 12 percent of home fires in December! Stay safe with a few quick holiday safety tips.

10 surging outlets

Always the brightest house on the block? Your holiday decor may know no bounds – but your outlets certainly do. Special electrical outlets and point-of-use surge protectors are just a few ways you can prevent damage from power surges.

11 plumbers piping

You may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but frozen pipes? Not so much. Plan ahead and protect your pipes! Simple steps like keeping your faucet on or opening cabinet doors on particularly cold nights can reduce the chance of calling a plumber during your holiday celebrations.

12 robbers robbing

Don’t let the Grinch steal your Christmas. Robberies and personal larceny increase by 20 percent during the holidays. Thwart their nefarious plans by gifting your home a little extra security.

Stay safe this season

With a little planning, you can avoid many of the holiday disasters that befall so many this time of year. Here’s to a merry, bright, and safe holiday season!

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